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Helmet Cam M800

Helmet Cam M800

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Main features:

Compact design: This product is a stylish and low-key product in design, ensuring minimal interference to tactical equipment, while providing the strongest camera capabilities.

HD recording: equipped with HD camera technology, it can record clear video clips in various lighting conditions. With 4K resolution, it provides excellent video quality and captures every detail that provides a clear view on tactical movements. With a 128G high-speed memory card.

Installation option: The camera, with a Velcro at the bottom, allows you to firmly connect it to different types of tactical helmets for optimal view.

Wide angle lens: Equipped with a wide angle lens to capture a wider field of view, ensuring that no key details will be missed during operation.

Durability: The camera can withstand a harsh tactical environment, waterproof, ensuring reliable performance in challenging situations, with two CR123A removable batteries for long video recording capability.


Operation declaration:

Install the camera: Hold the camera firmly to the Velcro on the tactical helmet to ensure it is properly positioned for optimal recording.

Start: Switch the rear rotating lever, adjust to the ON key on the left to open the camera, and operate the photo option on the screen after start.

Recording video: Switch the rotating lever behind, adjust to the camera key position on the right to start recording the video directly, and start recording after one vibration.

Take a photo: press and rotate the shutter button in the middle of the dial lever.

Shutdown: switch the rotating lever and adjust the OFF key in the middle to close the camera.

Video adjustment Settings: switch the rear rotating lever, adjust to the camera key on the right, immediately click the menu button, enter the camera setting mode, access and adjust various camera Settings, such as video resolution, frame rate and language mode.

Download material: Use the attached USB cable to connect the camera to the computer to transfer the recorded material. The camera will be identified as a removable storage device that allows you to access and download files.

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